The Lovers Experience
SleepNoMore is Amsterdam’s first no-sleeping-experience where lovers get to know each other on another level. The room is designed as an immersive experience where couples have to do assignments to reach a level of awareness of each other. In other words; it’s the escape room you don’t want to escape from and it will boost your relationship with your partner. Perfect for couples that are just together and couples that have been together for years but might be stuck-in-a-rut.

Deep dive into your partner's mind, body and senses. You will get to know each other better by acting as a team, finding all hidden assignments and playing to loving each other better.

This experience is for lovers only, as it will arouse your senses to get to know your partner better.

Curious? You can offer this experience as a surprise for your lover, or book it simultaneously. Both are amazing.
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“It’s the ‘escape room’ you don't want to escape from.”

SleepNoMore is a concept in which we invite guests to stay in one of our highly exclusive properties. Where, instead of sleeping, you will have a true awakening experience. It’s the ‘escape room’ you don’t want to escape from. You turn inwards and will be guided on your journey to self reflection and inner love. You will get to know yourself and your partner better. We host three experiences, of which our Lovers Experience will be the first, launching in March 2022.

SleepNoMore is developed by Theatrum Vitae which is part of TenClub, the society for Curious Minded people.

Lovers Experience


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